Hello all. I was diagnosed with a groin strain 4 months ago and today I just went in for my 2nd checkup and the pain is still very much there. I ice all the time and my physical activity has been very limited. I own a personal training company in the Bay Area so my ability to be completely sedentary isn't really there. We checked for hernias and nothing is present. I feel I may have a sports hernia but Kasier (health insurance/hospital) won't consider that as a possibility.

I just placed an order for Cissus and was wondering what else might be an aide. I have ran oral ph's in the past and am considering running one during this injury if it would increase my recovery rate. ANY suggestions would be very, very much appreciated. I've dropped near 15lbs of lbm and this lack of physical activity is definitely taking it's toll on me mentally, as well.