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    will cla supps really make your bf % decrease?

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    will cla supps really make your bf % decrease?
    Not without the proper lifestyle changes (better nutrition and exercise). That said:

    "The mechanism of action has been well studied: if fat consumed is not used for energy, the triglycerides are taken up by fat cells - a mechanism for which the enzyme lipoprotein lipase is responsible.

    CLA inhibits this enzyme, and instead the triglycerides are diverted to the muscle cells to be burnt. Here the CLA induces the activity of another enzyme, carnitine palmitoyl transferase, which is responsible for oxidation and the burning of fat."

    Here is the full article for your reading pleasure:

    *note: this is not a research article.

  3. CLA's effects are very subtle, but overtime they will make a significant difference. But w/o a good diet and training it will all be for not.
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    Good posts guys. Totally agree.
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