alri RESTORE... yes or not ?

  1. alri RESTORE... yes or not ?

    Patrick Arnold said the true ?

    is really 6-bromo this product ?

    i have a bottle on my hand and...

  2. What? What is the question you are trying to find an answer for? Please use complete sentences and we will be able to help you.

  3. Future
    Future's Avatar

    Eh its better to go with Formadrol Extreme of Novadex XT.

  4. I liked Restore but I have never done it alone. I stacked it with Novedex-XT and/or with the old 6oxo. I go crazy in my post cycles and by doing so I keep nearly everything or continue to gain.

    6oxo....Let bow are heads and pray for the fallen, you will surely be missed :-(

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