v12 turbo

  1. v12 turbo

    has anyone used this stuff? my brother took it like 4 or 5 years ago and loved it and i recently had two ppl tell me that they thought it was amazing, haven't seen anything on the boards about it....is it outdated with a new product out that similar but better?

  2. It's an oldie but a goodie..
    I ran it a few times over the past few years- ALWAYS had nice results with it..
    I think it's less used b/c if you look you might be able to find more of the ingredient you want in another product for cheaper.. but overall it's good.

  3. That product has been the only one in which I can feel it push extra reps out of me. Great product in my opinion.

  4. That was cutting edge, the first no/creatine drink formula to come out after MRI NO2 came out. It's still solid, but other products have moved way beyond that, even other products from san. Ragnarok, maniac, and so on all have moved way on.

  5. i just looked at the place i get my supps from and they don't carry ragnorok, but they have something called v12 magnum, how does that compare?

  6. nevermind, took a look at the compounds between turbo and magnum way different, the one person i know thinks the tri creatine in the turbo is what makes it truly amazing

  7. i got a couple of bottles cheap a while ago and still got some left, it works really well but the taste is full on

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Young Gotti View Post
    i just looked at the place i get my supps from and they don't carry ragnorok, but they have something called v12 magnum, how does that compare?
    What about this?


  9. whoa thats very expensive, i can get it for like $35 cheaper if u were talking about buying it from that link

  10. I'm saying if all you can buy is SAN, buy that.

  11. I love it V-12...I stack it with KR-ALA, AE2, and Acetyl-L-Carnitine

  12. no i have many options, a popular supp website that i can't name on here has a warehouse located close enough to my house so i just go there, they have a huge selection, i like pre workouts but all they do for me is give me energy and pumps, but the ppl i have talked to have actually gained some decent weight from the v12 and thats why i was asking, i've never gained lbs of muscle from a preworkout, they helped me get through my workouts like jack3d and superpump but i've never actually put weight on while taking their products

  13. v12 will do no more than other popular options. It does have more creatine per serving than noxplode or superdump, which only have ~1gr per scoop. But ragnarok, maniac, clout, assault, any of the ones popular here, will surpass it. If you can get it on blowout for $15, do it. For full price, go elsewhere.

  14. thought this was a car post lol

  15. Quote Originally Posted by poison View Post
    But ragnarok, will surpass it.
    smart statement
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  16. never hurts to try it...

    well, sometimes it does...


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