Anabolic Pump for contest prep. USPLAB reps/vets get in here

  1. Anabolic Pump for contest prep. USPLAB reps/vets get in here

    I start contest prep for my national qualifier July 19th and the good boys at usplabs were able to hook me up with the asteroid stack in a contest.

    anywho, my prep is gonna be based off a carb cycle. 4 to 6 low days (185 grams) followed by 2 high carb days(360grams). my question is, what would be the best days to take anabolic pump? on low carb days to get the little carbs i am getting directly into the muscle to spare muscle wasting, or on high carb days to refeed and fill out. i'd like to run the supp every day but i only got one bottle, and i wanna make the best use of it. thoughts? suggestions? slander? hate?

  2. oh cool this is awesome.

  3. I used it in a similar low carb/high carb fashion but MrKleen may be able to give you some great advice on contest prep and the Asteroid stack. Post up in the USP section, you will get loads of advice in there.

  4. I am running a macro cycle and on low carb days I just take in 60 grams of carbs in my larger meals preceeded by AP about 20-30 minutes prior to meal. Doesn't have to get any more complicated that that.
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