I just tried this stuff for the first time about 15 minutes befre my workout,
    And It worked so well, I HAD to rave about it

    I got an awsome pumped feeling and I wanted to keep lifting even tho my arms wouldn't let me

    Possably best workout in a while.

    Highly reccomended

  2. hmmm... i'm glad you responded well to it.

    unfortunately, I had the exact opposite results.

    didn't do much for pumps.. seems underdosed. focus was nothing to write home about.. energy wasn't noticeably different either.

    at least it didn't taste bad. orange flavor tastes like 50/50 bar.

  3. 5'9" 165 lbs vs 5'11" 225 lbs

    I would imagine you two would react differently.

  4. I hope you have longer lasting results then I...I had good results for about four workouts then nothing after that. I am not a fan of any MRI products

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Kevin R View Post
    5'9" 165 lbs vs 5'11" 225 lbs

    I would imagine you two would react differently.

    i see your point, but i doubled the dosage too... oh well. i figure can't knock it until i try it.

    now i'm knocking it



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