First run of sus-500!! Got some questions

  1. First run of sus-500!! Got some questions

    Hey guys im new to the forum but have heard great things. I just bought sus-500 and milk thistle and am goin to buy novedex XT for my PCT. I just wanted to know what your guys opinion would be for a first time user of PH's. I was gonna take it easy and run 1 cap the first week than maybe 2 cpas the second week depending on how i felt. And if i see decent results i may drop back to 1 cap for the third week than start up the PCT. And throughout the whole cycle be taking milk thistle.

    Please help with advice

    Thanks guys

  2. p.s~ im takin it light because i really dont want any signs of gyno. I know two people that took it and were fine and had great results. Basically share any info that you please


  3. jim623
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    If you are under 21, don't run it, it's a pretty harsh ph.

  4. Sus500 is 2 progest aas. The so called "tren" and 13ethyl (max lmg). Why are u dropping the dose the 3rd wk? Would just run it 2 caps 30 days as directed. Would look into getting some p5p and vitrex for progesterone control. I loved the 19-nor/estra tren. Haven't heard too many good things about the 13ethyl verson except for gyno problems and lots of people say it's very wet. It's a short run so u might get away with OTC pct but def look into doing a more complete pct with a serm like clomid.

  5. sus500 was my first ph too, stacked with furazadrol. i did 1 cap the first week, then 2 a day for the next 2 weeks. i saw some really good gains, and i took novedex xt for my pct also, i saw no negative side effects and afterward i had zero signs of gyno. with novedex and milk thistle, you should be fine; sus500 isnt real harsh on the sides. hope this helps

  6. alright well the feedback was great though had its pros and cons haha thanks though. One more thing. I have a bottle of 11-oxo on hand also. Would i be better off runiing that instead of sus and how might the results differ ya think. And woudl low dosing the sus like i mentioned do less harm on me since its called "a harsh" ph.

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