Poll: Opti-men or Orange Triad

Opti-men vs orange triad

  1. Opti-men vs orange triad

    Which is the best muli for a bodybuilder?

  2. Orange Triad looks great for people looking for a great vitamin w/ a joint complex and flex complex. I have only used Opti-men and always thought very highly of it. I like the 3 tablets a day. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. I might have to give the Orange Triad a run.

  3. i have jsut started to use orange triad my system ran great on opti- tho so just wanted to get some opinions

  4. Orange Triad So good.. I also take Animal flex too!
    Diet is always the key to unlocking the door of success

  5. OT because of the joint support

  6. thx much guys

  7. AOR make the best multi vitamin hands down.

  8. why do you like aor, never heard about it till then. looks promising but lack of reviews

  9. OT was recently updated, it isn't just a MV it is a joint support, immunity complex, and digestive complex all in one + A MV!

    Look at OT's ingredient profile.

  10. Ot is great, it is an immunity complex, digestive complex, and joint complex all in one + a mv.

    Check the ingredient profile.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by qwerty33 View Post
    why do you like aor, never heard about it till then. looks promising but lack of reviews
    Because It contains the most bio-active forms of vitamins.

    You get what you pay for.. and most people don't wanna shell out $45, compared to $20-25... Which is fair enough.

  12. I do OptiMen on off days and ANIMAL brand vitamins on workout days,..something about those Animal vit. that give me more of an edge!


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