Does ecdysterone come from spinach?

  1. Unhappy Does ecdysterone come from spinach?

    Here's the deal. I have kidney stones (comprised of oxalate so I need to avoid high-oxalate containing foods).

    I found out that spinach contains the highest oxalate amount of any food!!!

    Well, does this pertain to Ecdysterone as well? I use the crap out of this stuff.

  2. It happens to exist as a compound in the herbs Rhaponticum/Leuzeae and Cyanotis vaga, and is therefore a naturally occurring phytochemical.

    found off an article posted on another forum. PM me if you want it.
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  3. Fresh spinach does contain ecdysterones, yes. You'd have to eat a LOT of it though to get enough ecdysterone to make a difference.

  4. Thanks. I have been reading similar studies, NONE of which state if ecdysterone contains oxalates or not. Need more of an exact + accurate answer. Thanks for your help

    Quote Originally Posted by fightbackhxc View Post
    It happens to exist as a compound in the herbs Rhaponticum/Leuzeae and Cyanotis vaga, and is therefore a naturally occurring phytochemical.

    found off an article posted on another forum. PM me if you want it.

  5. How do you think Popeye got so strong, it's not a myth you know

  6. From my experience with ecdysterone:
    first took IDS 17 Hydroxy mesterone with decent results not powerfull results and did the research on ecdysterone from there I researched and found that ants naturally produce ecdysterone and what does this mean:

    ants can lift multiple times their bodyweight cant remember the number but it was a long time ago when I read this

    so from there I took SciFit ecdysterone which was 300 mg ecdysterone per dose with a high protien meal and it worked better than the IDS product I previously took
    I then bought some bulk powder ecdysterone from NP and capped it = similar results to the SCI Fit ecdysterone which I noticed some hardening in my bicepts because Im fat and thats where I noticed it the most

    The bulk powder was real gritty and hard to cap and I thought it was a little too expensive to keep on using ecdysterone in any form

    so fast forward about a year or so and I found SNI 20 Beta Hydroxy and the supplement facts are as followed:

    20 Beta Hydroxy Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 1 Capsule
    Servings Per Container: 120
    Amount Per Serving
    Cyanotis Vaga (Root, standardized 97% 20 Beta-hydroxyEcdysterone) 200 mg

    this product worked the best for me as far as ecdysterone goes
    I pretty much went from using a small amount with the IDS product to using a larger amount which was 300mg a day to capping my own 500 mg a day to using 800 mg a day with the SNI product and felt similar hardness in my muscles when I used tren xtreme
    However I did not in any way double my strength but I did consistently little by little go up in the weight I lifted from week to week but did not plateau like I would usually

    Like I said before the ecdysterone products were a bit pricey for me but the SNI product is about 15.00 for 120 caps and I would usually take 4 caps a day

    I know I swayed far away from the original question "does ecdysterone come from spinach" and my answer is I dont know, but I just thought I would share my experience on ecdysterone

  7. Glad you had a good experience with Ecdy.

    The best source though (by far) is Rhaponticum Carthamoides, not Cyanotis Vaga. Full spectrum RC Extract is the best researched..albeit a bit more expensive. A well done Suma (25:1) extract is also worth investigating. I would put either above CV but again, if that's working for you that's great. You may do even better with RCE/Suma if so inclined.


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