pplex help

  1. pplex help

    ok i need sum help here fitness savy people.. i want to take a cycle of pplex or hdrol but i have no idea what i should take with it.. what is PCT? i know these questions are dumb but id rather look stupid and be educated. If you could let me kno the exact product names and dosages i should take that would be awesome. currently i am 20 yo 5'10 215lbs and am trying to cut weight and look lean and defined. i work out hard and eat healthy. with a clean health slate. i am a virgin to any steroids and i don't wanna listen to one of my dumb friends and mess up my health. thanks guys

  2. I would look for all this information in the anabolic section. Then get reading every there because the sticky's will give you most of your information your looking for. Also look at peoples logs, they are very helpful to get an idea of what to do.

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