JP8 and Xtend

  1. JP8 and Xtend

    Can I combine JP8 with Xtend for PreWorkout supplement?

  2. I use JP8 and I love it and I also use X-TEND but I don't mix them together I take the
    JP8 on an empty stomach and about 30 minutes later I hit the gym and usely about
    45 minutes into my workout I will sip on 2 scoops of X-TEND if I feel like I need a little
    boost during my workout but sometimes I don't need the X-TEND during my workout
    and I just mix 2 scoops with my pwo shake because I mix 1 scoop of Glyco-maize from
    OP nut. with my JP8 and that usually gives me enough energy to go through a 2 hour

  3. I use the Xtend to help get the taste of JP8 out of my mouth. For some reason I get sick from JP8 (only the taste...grape worse than lemonade)...the Xtend makes it bearable for me. I have my Xtend ready for the gym...that's why I use it.

    As far as Xtend goes....I drink it (or synthesize)during my workout whether I need energy or not. The research Scivation has done shows that muscle breaks down aminos in the muscle during your workout. The BCAA's in Xtend help replenish those. That's just my understanding.

  4. You can take Xtend pre, intra, and post workout. Xtend is a great supplement, however, I cannot offer any feedback on JP8 because I have no exp. with it. But yes you can take these two togeter.
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  5. I believe JP8 says right on the container that you should not take it within 20 minutes of eating or within 30 minutes of any sort of protein or BCAA/EAA supplementation...

    With that being said, I have personally used both for the same workout. I just don't start sipping the Xtend (or any other BCAA product for that matter) until about 20-30 minutes into my workout depending on how long I'll be spending in the gym. JP8 goes down about 30-40 minutes before I hit the weights...

  6. Xtend says for maximum benefit to begin drinking 15 minutes before you start lifting. I usually skip the post workout scoop they recommend drinking and opt for my whey protein. The Xtend flavor to me is pretty concentrated so I water it down pretty good. Otherwise when I run or do cardio after the lift I get cotton mouth and all I can taste is that fake watermelon.

  7. The benefits you get from the BCAA's are given to you in about 15 minutes to whereas whey protein takes about 90 minutes to get the full use out of it.

    You can take the Xtend at any time pre/intra/post. And it should be fine to take with a preworkout. The only reason why you are not suppose to take whey with anything is it could cause some absorption issues. I take my BCAA's with my preworkout everyday.
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  8. Cool. I'll down the JP8 45mins preworkout and the Xtend 15mins pre/intra/post.


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