Poll: Which supplement to help me cut?

Which one for the last of my cut??

  1. Which one for the last of my cut??

    I have heard good things about SX and Animal cuts (actually asked once before but didn't get many responses). Tell me which to pick between these two or suggest a different one, please. If you can give some reasons that would be nice too..

  2. IMO ReCreate by USPlabs is top-notch. I have had great results solid 8 pounds in one month lost. my cardio was consistent with my normal bulking regiment the only difference was the 300 calorie deficit in mjy diet. good luck


  3. SX gets my vote as it completely kills my appetite. You could also try Gaspari mitotropin as people have had good results using this or the good old ECA stack.

  4. Try Muscle Pharm Shred!
    Diet is always the key to unlocking the door of success

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