x mass,epistne,formex vs.xmass,t911,methyl 1-d

  1. Question x mass,epistne,formex vs.xmass,t911,methyl 1-d

    need advice for which stack is better for strenght,mass, and libido

  2. if you need to ask this you shouldnt be stacking or using any of those

  3. meaning what? or should they be taken seperately?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by suresha View Post
    meaning what? or should they be taken seperately?
    meaning there is a search button, use it, jesus just how old are you to still need to be spoonfed information?

  5. if this is ur first run with ph's i would stick with just t-911 and m1d...with a good pct...

  6. The stack with Epistane would be superior. It is a designer steroid. It would also require more extensive research, a much more solid pct, and more support supps as well. The M1D would be good in that if you have never used AAS before, you would probably see some positive gains in and of itself and it is a much safer product. You still need a pct with this though and should you decide to go that route, you could run the M1D and use the t-911 as the pct.

    Again do your research first, formulate an idea, then come back and ask for feedback on that idea. Asking someone else to do the research for you wont benefit you long term, and will most likely piss other people off. Its never a bad thing to ask questions. Just try to prepare yourself first before asking.


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