help!! what to run with epi?

  1. help!! what to run with epi?

    hey guys i'm really new to this whole forum thing and i was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on what to run with epistaine. i'm ordering some today and really want to log it cuz i think it would help keep me motivated if i had to show my work so to speak....and all you guys seem to be pretty f-ing helpful when it comes to all this. i'm trying to do a recomp. originally i was gonna run it with hemodraulix but celc5 and jasonkkk thought it would be better to use it in what should i run with the epi, if anything at all in order to get the best benefits from it? thanks guys

  2. Nothing other than your basic support supps and a solid diet high in protein.

  3. thanks for the input man

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