For those who take a fish oil supplement: how much, and why?

  1. For those who take a fish oil supplement: how much, and why?

    It seems like this is one particular area where recommendations vary drastically, even from knowledgeable sources. I've heard recommendations for a 2:1 ratio of 6:3, a 3:1 ratio, varying amounts of EPA/DHA etc etc.

    Simple question, just out of interest: If you're currently using a fish oil supplement, how many grams of omega 3 are you taking per day? Also, how much EPA/DHA are you getting? Please explain why you take the amount you do if you can.

    I take 2 tsp of Nutrasea per day, which provides the following:

    Nutritional Information
    Calories 40
    Calories from fat 40
    Fat 4g
    Saturated 1g
    + Trans 0g
    Polyunsaturates 2g
    Monounsaturates 1g
    Cholesterol 15mg
    Omega-3 1600mg
    EPA 800mg
    DHA 500mg
    Other omega-3 300mg

    Ingredients: pharmaceutical quality herring oil, thyme oil, rosemary
    extract, natural lemon, ascorbyl palmitate, natural tocopherols.

    Why I take the amount I take is completely unscientific. More makes me feel dizzy after a week or two (I have very low blood pressure) and less doesn't give me the joint pain relief that 2tsp seems to. I'd love to get a better understanding of how much I need so that I can get the most out of the stuff, though, so any input is appreciated.

  2. anyone?

  3. i know this is off topic but, the salmon cans at walmart are 1.12. and contain 2x daily recomm of epa/dha and fish is more bioavailable than oil supplements.


  4. i take 8 of NP's bulk fishoil a day.

    Improved mood, reduced aggression. (Did not take them for a day, and I was standing at a traffic light. Suddenly had the urge to bash in this guy's face. I was wondering why I had this urge, then realised that I did not take my fish oil. Quite sad). I think some prison did a study on fish oil, and this reduced agression has been proven.

    Reduced BP. I have high BP, and fish oil reduces it by about 5mmHg.

  5. More than happy to help. Fishoil. Well in my opinion and from experience it depends on the quality(sp?). I take Omega's religiously. Most of the good quality supps that contain omegas have the correct amount of ratios. Really i dont think about what the ratio is as long as the 3 is higher than 6, by a good amount. My intake varies from 8-30g daily. This not all in pills, this is through diet, alot of fish, products with omegas in them. If you look around you can find a good bit in your local food store. Now watch out for contaminents, like mercury and high minerals. So also going with this diet i would reccmoned a high antioxident diet also. The reason why i do this is from books i have read. On my signature check out those logs and links they have some info on this. I love fish oil! and i think you will too if you do it right.



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