Yohimbine and.... milk?

  1. Yohimbine and.... milk?

    I am cutting, and am going relatively low carb. I still include a small amount of skim milk for extra protein.

    Now... I have heard that yohimbine's fat burning effects are reduced by insulin. Will the lactose content of one cup of milk cause a rise in insulin? Last time I looked at the carton, I believe it said one cup contains 16g carbs.

  2. It's not so much that Yohimbine HCL's fat burning effects are reduced by insulin (though they certainly are...) so much as that the Yohimbine HCL will INCREASE the amount of insuline released from any kinds of carbs, and we know what happens to our fat buring in the pressence of high insulin levels.

    So yeah, Yohimbine 30min before or after milk isn't a great idea.

  3. Jcc, try the car-counter low carb milk recommended by madman in this thread:
    Low Carb Milk.....Awsome
    I've tried the skim and it's pretty good. Doesn't taste exactly like normal skim, but after a couple of tries you get used to it.

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