Clomid/pcs or reversitol for pct

  1. Clomid/pcs or reversitol for pct

    I am going to run mdrol 20/20/20/20 and tren 90/90/90/90 for a 4 week stack. I was originally planning 10mg of mdrol 1st week but was told that it would be better to bump it up to 20mg for all 4 weeks.

    I have never used a serm from all my cycles always got away with a reversitol pcs stack. But I am aware that this cycle will shutdown hard so I will be using 50mg Clomid pills. I want to stack it with etheir pcs or reversitol for fast, strong recovery. How should I dose the pct?

  2. 150/100/50/50 + PCS. This cycle will shut you down hard make sure you take support supps also man

    ps this is the wrong section for this thread. Should be in PTC section or anabolic

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