Nano vapor rtd?

  1. Nano vapor rtd?

    Got a pretty sweet deal at a local shop (like 4 for 9 bucks), so I couldn't resist.

    Never tried the powder stuff (normally stay away from muscletech)

    I am pretty sensitive to caffeine and i'm sure this is chalked with it.

    Any reviews, recommendations? I'm gonna try a quarter of one tomorrow, just to gauge tolerance.

    Sorrry if this is a repost or anything, this is from my phone and I don't have access to the entire site.

  2. If you're sensitive to caffeine, don't drink this, first off, it's got 351mg.

    I went into my local supplement supply store hoping that they still had a few bottles of the hydroxycut rtd in the back room, but found this, which appears to be the exact same thing with weight loss ingredients removed and more performance-centric ingredients (it's made by the same company, Iovate out of Canada).

    I workout in the mornings, due to my work schedule and hours. I find it very difficult to workout with much of anything in my stomach, so when I woke up at 5:00 I had a few teaspoons of honey to jumpstart my metabolism and chugged the entire bottle of the naNO vapor. As for taste, the first thing I thought of was blue redline; a vague berry flavor as you're actually drinking/swallowing the liquid, and then a massive rush of (pretty damn good) blue raspberry flavor that hangs on for 30 seconds to a minute. I'd give it a 7 out of 10, not great, as you can definetly detect the bitter note of the caffeine and other xanthanoids behind the flavor, but it's not particularly strong or unpleasant, and considering how much is in this stuff, it's quite an accomplishment. By the time I was turning off of my street, at 5:10 or so I could already feel that familiar stimulant tenseness and energy in my upper arms and lats. By the time I got to my gym at 5:30, my jaw was clenched, I felt like my muscles were going to burst out of skin, I was extremely pissed off, and had a single minded focus to destroy the weights. I had an amazing workout, never once lagging for energy, even in the 4th and 5th sets, even with increasing weight across the board for all exercises. Sticking points dissappeared, and late workout rep failures were absent.

    All in all, I enjoyed this product a great deal and plan to use it again. Everytime I've used it so far I've had a phenomenal workout. Make sure to stay hydrated, I noticed myself sweating a great deal more than usual, and take care to test your tolerance at first if you are not experienced with stimulants.

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