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    Thought i'd get some thoughts on this product, it's an NO Transdermal. From what i understand from other post is that it works really well. I'm also wondering if you can you make your own.

    Forget about Creatine or cell volumizers, and if you're concerned about pro-hormones becoming illegal. Pump Xtreme is the BEST non-hormonal choice in building real muscle size, immediate strength, full body pumps, and increased vascularity. With the advent of Nitric Oxide it has been one of the fewest products to be scientifically proven to actually work. Researchers are calling it the "Biggest thing since Creatine". Well, it's bigger and better than creatine. This actually builds real lean muscle mass, something creatine has never been able to accomplish. Read every last word about how huge and important this product is for you and your training. The biggeest benefit is that Pump Xtreme helps ALL the other supplements and food you're taking work 10 times better. Become one of the thousands of bodybuilders, celebrities, and atheletes who have discovered the incredible new weapon to quickly achieve a visible physique transformation.


    We know you hear all the same hype everywhere and just say "that's a bunch of bull". We know you hate being made a fool. We know you work hard for your money. We respect the fact that you hit the gym everyday and expect results from yourself and the supplements you take. We are just like you! Muscle Xtreme is among the few companies who don't jump on band wagons and just sell anything just to make a quick buck. We are very picky when it comes to developing a new product. We have to prove it to ourselves FIRST that this actually does all the things that the studies show. We have put together the strongest pro-steroid stack on the planet with Test Xtreme. We have outsold all other pro-steroid stacks anywhere. Just go to GOOGLE and enter the keyword "Strongest Steroid" and we come up NUMBER ONE !! No one can touch us !!! So we're here to tell you that we already have dominated the Bodybuilding Nitric Oxide line. We are NUMBER ONE as well under "Strongest Nitric Oxide Supplement. There is no way we can manipulate Google. Why or how can we do this ? Easy, because we are the best in patent absorption technology, the best in complete and full ingredients. The best in product knowledge. The best prices for a whole lot more, and the best in customer service. Trust that you are buying a product that has been completely and thoroughly tested and scrutinized both in the lab and in the gym. We guarantee you'll see results in just the first week. Pump Xtreme proves to be the ONLY PATENTED most complete, the best absorbed, and the least expensive Nitric Oxide product anyhwere !


    You've heard the saying..."80% of what you do outside of the gym is responsible for your gains". Well the biggest factor of that 80% is ABSORBING EVERYTHINGTHAT YOU EAT. If you're not absorbing everything you eat, then perhaps that may be exactly why you are lacking the gains you've been working so hard for. Pump Xtreme studies show that it can improve the absorption of all supplements, foods, herbals, etc. In other words, Nitric Oxide (NO) allows for the proper breakdown of proteins to amino acids. The carbohydrates into the proper glucose, etc. They are shuttled into the right places in your body, in this case YOUR MUSCLES !!! It is so important for you to understand this fact, it is so good for you and your body to absorb everything you consume. That is why we say, "You are what you eat, most importantly YOU ARE WHAT YOU ABSORB".

    • <LI type=disc>PUMP XTREME IS NOT - a cell volumizer, does not use any sugars or dextrose,no powders to mix non hormonal, no side effects, no cycling needed, no loading required. <LI type=disc>PUMP XTREME WILL - Improve the absorption of all supplements and food. Add more muscle, add more mass, add more strength, use more bioavailable food to make you grow stronger, bigger, and assimulate the food you eat into everything you need to grow massive. <LI type=disc>BODYBUILDERS - Imagine being able to look pumped up 24 hours a day, everyday ! All of your veins popping, looking vascular, everything feeling tight and hard, just like when you finish one of your best workouts. <LI type=disc>POWERLIFTERS - Imagine finally using something that will carry you over all your plateuas ? Being able to exceed all personal bests breaking through to another level, and doing it all naturally and legally. STEROIDS vs. NITRIC OXIDE (NO) - PUMP XTREME
      To prove to you that our exclusive technology goes head to head with even the strongest of anabolics we will compare Pump Xtreme with Anabolic Steroids. The similarities are striking, so is the way in which each take to deliver results. (Please keep an open mind). <LI type=disc>Pump Xtreme Muscle Size vs. Anabolic Steroid Muscle Size - Both are anabolic. So, they both promote muscle growth by increasing the amount of proteins inside your muscle. The route they take are a bit different though. For example: Synthetic Steroids (not natural test) in a way force themselves into a muscle cell and creating a bit of disturbance in the process. NO has free access and just naturally gains access without disruption to the process. The difference is NO amplifies both "volume" and "action time" of nitric oxide. In other words, it does what your body does naturally to build muscle-it just does MORE OF IT and MORE OFTEN. What that does is produce and assemble new muscle protein INSIDE the muscle cell. It also supercharges nutrient uptake into your muscle cells giving you even faster gains. Most bodybuilders are reporting a 6 to 9 pound gain in the first 3 weeks. <LI type=disc>STEROID PUMP vs. PUMP XTREME PUMP - Both give you incredible "Pumps". It all has to do with blood flow. A "steroid pump" is caused by more available blood during a steroid cycle also known as increased red blood cells, which is responsible for increased blood volume and gives you that pumped feeling. A Pump Xtreme pump is even better. though the SAME MECHANISM (increased blood flow). The NO pump lasts longer. The hemodilation widens the diameter of the blood channels and increases the blood flow. And our Patented SRT delivery helps it last ALL DAY LONG !!! You need to feel the Rock hard muscle pumps for yourself. We're always asked if we're "juicin". The best part of all of this is YOU DON'T HAVE TO CYCLE OFF PUMP XTREME. You can ALWAYS look and feel this way for as long as you want. Nitric Oxide is the safest and most beneficial muscle building product to ever be developed. Nothing is this good, nothing offers so many benefits. <LI type=disc>STEROID ENDURANCE vs. PUMP XTREME ENDURANCE - Increased oxygen delivery is key to all of this. That's what enhances both muscle endurance and effeciency. Again, the way they work are practically identical. They both amplify blood volume, increase endurance, and increase oxygen delivery. Although NO dramatically spikes endurance in athletes much more than any steroid ever can.

      We have been able to prove that our Delivery System measures up to a needle. The Department of Pharmacology at the University of Dublin, along with others in the medical community have long seen the major benefits of Transdermal Delivery (absorbing nutrients through the skin). Using a lotion based cream enables the user to consistently apply the right amount of compound every single application. It is the most stable of all transdermals and 8 TIMES MORE POWERFUL THAN DMSO. The lotion based cream yields the HIGHEST ABSORPTION RATE of all transdermals. Doctors around the world are calling it "The delivery system of the future." The reason for this is that when supplements are delivered via transdermal application, they go directly to the BLOODSTREAM, initially BYPASSING THE DIGESTIVE TRACT & THE LIVER. The result can mean as much as 95% of the supplements get to the cells where they are needed. Conversely, studies have shown when substances are taken orally, as little as 5% make it to the cells. 95% vs. 5%. THERE IS NO COMPARISON ! If you read all the other companis advertisements that boast about a cutting edge technology. Regardless of what they come up with, you still have to take it by oral means. It still has to go through the digestive system, get broken down, and then to the liver and almost completely gets destroyed. Think about it, it explains why all the other companies tell you to take more product at each dose, WHY ?? CAUSE IT AIN'T GETTIN' ABSORBED LIKE THEY SAY IT WOULD !! Look, from 100mg capsules you're only getting 5 to 15 mgs. maximum from each dose. Versus 95 to 100 mgs. from each Transdermal application, SEE THE DIFFERENCE ? Most Nitric Oxide products carry 3000 mgs. per dose. If you would get the MAXIMUM 15% absorption rate out of those 3 grams, you are only getting 450 MGS. TOTAL !! With our TRANSDERMALS, you get 900mgs. to 1000mgs. per dose. You also will be able to apply it specifically to the MUSCLE YOU WILL BE WORKING ON THAT DAY! It is time released so that one application will last in your system for 24 hours.This truly is incredible!

      • <LI type=disc>BSN -NITRIX / 2 to 3 week supply - (tablets) - $59.99 <LI type=disc>PINNACLE - NOX2 / 2 to 3 week supply - (tablets) - $64.99 <LI type=disc>SCI-FIT - NITROX / 4 week supply - (tablets) - $89.95 <LI type=disc>MRI - NO2 / 2 to 3 week supply - (tablets) - $79.99
      • MUSCLE XTREME - PUMP XTREME / 4 WEEK SUPPLY - $49.95 / COMES COMPLETE WITH OUR EXCLUSIVE TIME RELEASED TRANSDERMAL WHICH RENDERS 95 to 100% ABSORPTION(You can easily verify this on the net or in any Muscle Magazine)

        It should be obvious to you that PUMP XTREME has no equal when it comes to Full and Complete Ingredients. A Full 4 Week Cycle. No Stacking Needed. Superior Absorption Technology. Lowest Overall Price.
      HERE'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PUMP XTREME AND THE OTHER BRANDS. PUMP XTREME - 1000 mgs. (1 gram) per serving of (AAK) / Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate along with our proprietary transdermal formula , 30 day supply.

      <LI type=disc>Alpha lipoic Acid - 65mgs.the main igredient found in Cell-Tech. A powerful anti-oxidant, helps make Vit. C and E work better. Fights free radicals,helps increase glutothione. Detox's liver.Also very good for insulin <LI type=disc>Vanadyl Sulfate - 5 mgs.Regulates body's blood sugar levels similar to insulin. Helps muscle uptake glucose.Vanadyl also forces more proteins and carbs directly into the muscles. <LI type=disc>Sodium Bicarbonate - 100 mgs.Along with our vitamin enriched lotion which are exclusively chosen to enhance and ensure that ALL the vital ingredients are being 100% and completely absorbed each and every dose. <LI type=disc>CONVENIENCE - USE ONLY ONCE A DAY - No need to forget a dose or time your meals. You don't need to have an empty stomach to apply Pump Xtreme. Remember, Pump Xtreme goes DIRECTLY INTO YOUR BLOODSTREAM FIRST. Not broken down by digestive system and liver. Because of this it is not toxic and you do not need to cycle off. The Alpha Lipoic Acid makes sure the detoxing takes place just to make sure. <LI type=disc>PATENT PENDING TECHNOLOGY - Pump Xtreme is the ONLY Nitric Oxide supplement to accurately offer 1000 mgs. per dose. Scientific studies showed results using that amount. No more no less. This is why we are being granted the EXCLUSIVE Patent for this product. No other Nitric Oxide muscle supplement can make that claim, but us. The added Alpha Lipoic acid,Vanadyl Sulfate only make this already incredible supplement that much better. WHAT TO WATCH OUT FOR WITH THE OTHER BRANDS:TWICE A DAY DOSAGE:Other Nitric Oxide supplements require to be taken twice a day on an empty stomach. Also, if you weigh over 200 pounds, you are required to take lots more. Thi s will make each bottle last less than 2 weeks (something they will never tell you).

      TOO MUCH AAK PER DOSE:There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. If their absorption technology is so good, why do they have so much AAK per dose ??? 3000 mgs. has been proven to be too toxic. That ofcourse if it is fully 100% absorbed. But as you know now that 15% of 3000 is 450. So you see, that is why most NO supplements have not been working for you or your friends. So in order to get that much per dose you need to triple up on the pills. That will cost you a fortune. All scientific data show that 1,000 MGS. was the exact amount in order to work and to be granted a Patent.We were the only ones to prove it. So the other brands are just making you waiste the ingredients and your money.

      USING SOMETHING OTHER THAN REAL AAK:There are other forms of Arginine. Make sure that it is the Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate form. This is the only form that was awarded the scientific ackowledgments. DON'T BE FOOLED or talked into using something inferior !

      AAK IS NOT ORALLY ACTIVE:ALL studies have proven that Arginine is not orally consumable. You need to take tons of it and if you do you can get stomach upset and you just can't or shouldn't try to take that amount. This just proves to you that capsule formulations are far less inferior to our transdermal formula. Also read the January edition of Muscle & Fitness Magazine on page 96, they also quote this fact.

      ABSORPTION TECHNOLOGY HYPE: They'll always boast about their absorption technology. Here's where you really need to think logically As we have pointed out earlier, if it needs to be taken through the mouth, be 100% sure that it will not absorb as they claim. How can we be so sure ? We have proven each new technology to not even come close to a 50% margin of what Transdermals can offer. Why do you think that all new pharmaceutical medicines will slowly be given by way of through the skin dosing, i.e. TRANSDERMALS. Go back and re-read what we have quoted on this incredible technology. We know most are skeptical, and you may be thinking..."aren't you just bragging about your technology as well ? Trust us when we say we've been manufacturing transdermals since 1995 and were the first to put prohormones in a transdermal...SO WE'RE NOT NEW TO THIS TECHNOLOGY, WE WERE PART OF THE PIONEERING OF THIS TECHNOLOGY AND HAVE PERFECTED IT TO BE THE BEST !!!

      • <LI type=disc>1000 MGS. of ARGININE ALPHA KETOGLUTARATE <LI type=disc>95% to 100% ABSORPTION GUARANTEE vs. 5%-15% more milligram absorption per serving versus capsules. <LI type=disc>APPLY ON LAGGING BODYPARTS-Apply to the specific body part you will be working on that day. <LI type=disc>A FULL AND COMPLETE STACK-comes complete with everything that has scientifically been proven and allowed us to recieve a Patent. <LI type=disc>DAILY DOSE LASTS 24 HOURS-5 MLS. a day will last 24 hours in your system. <LI type=disc>A FULL 4 WEEK SUPPLY-not 2 or 3 BUT FOUR FULL WEEKS. <LI type=disc>NON HORMONAL-Does not exert androgenic or estrogenic side effects (no gyno,hairloss,acne,etc.) <LI type=disc>TRANSDERMAL TECHNOLOGY-That measures up to a NEEDLE. (Better than patches, sprays,gels,liposomes,poppers, capsules,sublinguals, etc. etc.). ENHANCER
        <LI type=disc>Increases oxygen delivery to your bloodstream <LI type=disc>HEMODILATOR - Blood flow incrementation <LI type=disc>Veins and capillaries adapt by growing in size to admit greater blood flow BOOSTER
        <LI type=disc>Boosts ability to convert proteins to amino acids <LI type=disc>Xtremely beneficial for bulk and body mass <LI type=disc>Facilitates your body to repair muscle and tissue <LI type=disc>Improves your bodies ability to generate a higher amount of amino acids for health and fitness <LI type=disc>Contains an exclusive proteolytic enzyme preparation which is very active towards various protein substrates. INCREASER
        <LI type=disc>Increases nutritional compounds Bio-availability such as metabolism of vitamins, minerals, amino acid,hebals, and all supplements. <LI type=disc>Increasing the absorption of nutrients, your body will respond by getting bigger. <LI type=disc>Metabolic generator will provide more efficient transportation of nutrients into your blood and into your muscles. <LI type=disc>Increase metabolic process which creates a demand of nutrients that contribute to your metabolism. <LI type=disc>THE BEST NITRIC OXIDE - THE BEST TECHNOLOGY-THE BEST RESULTS-THE BEST PRICE-GUARANTEED !!!</B>..."I have tried the other NO supplements and really didn't see much of a difference. I like that I don't have to keep looking at my watch and time my dosing with yours. My strength has really gone up and I added 1/2 an inch on my arms with only one bottle. Thanks again Muscle Xtreme, you did it again." Chris S. - Tampa
        ..."I've been using your Test Xtreme and thought you couldn't make anyhting better, and I was right...sort of. I started to stack both the Test Xtreme and Pump Xtreme together and damn, I can't contain myself. I am busting through my shirts and pants. I need a new wordrobe. My wife is telling me I'm TOO BIG and to stop what I'm taking. You're never too big." Lewis K. - Sacramento,CA
        • <LI type=disc>INCREDIBLE PUMPS-Hemodilation is the real reason for this perpetual pump.The blood flow going to the muscle your working on is awesome and addictive. <LI type=disc>24 HOUR PUMP- Workout induced pumps go away, Pump Xtreme pumps DO NOT GO AWAY. Our exclusive Sustaine Release Technology allows for this to happen. <LI type=disc>INCREASED MUSCLE MASS-Increased measurements on your arms, chest, legs. May be up to 1" to 2-1/2" total. <LI type=disc>INCREDIBLE STRENGTH-You'll either add weight, reps or both within just 5 days of applying. <LI type=disc>CELL SIGNALING-The triggering of muscle cell activity that directly leads to new muscle growth.. <LI type=disc>INCREASED DEFINITION-Quality mass, not just bulk, well defined muscle, you'll look even bigger. <LI type=disc>INCREASED VASCULARITY-Cuts, Veins popping, sinewy effect, you'll be accused of juicin. <LI type=disc>FULL BODY RECOVERY-prevent muscle inflammation and intra-cellular damage. Less muscle damage means more muscle growth. <LI type=disc>FAT LOSS-Lose the gut, rock hard abs. Everything just looks much better without the layer of fat hiding it. <LI type=disc>BENEFITS HARDGAINERS and HARD CORE VETERANS-it will work for everyone. <LI type=disc>TRANSDERMAL TECHNOLOGY-That measures up to a NEEDLE. It directly gets into the bloodstream FIRST. That is essential and key to ANY supplement you ever take.
        • THE ONLY PATENTED NITRIC OXIDE TRANSDERMAL-The only NO product to actually give you the full 1000 mgs. per dose that was used in the scientific studies. Without this proof we could not be considered to recieve the patent.
        • INCREASED NUTRIENT UPTAKE - Makes every nutrient, be it supplements or real food work and become better absorbed by the muscle. This may be the BIGGEST BENEFIT of all. Without proper nutrient uptake, you will always struggle no matter what you are taking. This allows for improved protein synthes and this means real muscle building.
          Judging by the other products on the market and what they are charging for a capsule based and 2 week cycle. Not to mention all the extra products you need to make their's become as complete as ours we should be charging around $100 bucks. If you add up all of the products you would have to buy for a FULL MONTHS SUPPLY, then you would be paying over $100.00 BUCKS !!!! Why in the Hell would you do that ?Why would you even think of paying that much ? We only offer the Best and most complete Muscle Building products, and not charge a rediculous amount for it. With that being said all we are asking for is a rediculous price of $49.95 per bottle which will render all of the above benefits. And last 4 FULL WEEKS

          Worst case scenario, you didn't experience more strength, you didn't add muscle, you didn't feel the pump, or you just didn't see what the big deal was. Well, we strongly doubt that would happen, but to back it up we give you a Risk Free offer. Just let us know before 30 days that you're not happy with our Stack and we will refund your money, NO QUESTIONS ASKED...THE RISK IS COMPLETELY OURS. You are out ZERO dollars !! How can you go wrong with that ? How many companies offer such a Risk Free Product. We know you'll love Pump Xtreme that we are more than confident to offer you your money back if you don't.

          ..."I've been using your Test Xtreme and love, love, love, it ! I've never grown so fast. Now with Pump Xtreme...boy oh boy. This stuff just made Test Xtreme, the creatine and food i eat digest and absorb so much better. I actually feel and see the results. I didn't believe you when you told me that this would improve everything I'm taking, but man you weren't kidding. Now I love this stuff as well. Thank you for making another great supplement. You guys are definetly number one in my book. I've got all my friends hooked on Muscle Xtreme" Nelson J. - TX
          Believe me when I tell you we know why your so skeptical. The other guys have screwed with you enough and we have to suffer for it by trying to convince you that we are for real. Why else have you read this far, cause something inside you is telling you..."perhaps these guys are different, perhaps they really do care about me and my results." You better believe we care. We have to be better and actually produce the results we've been talking about this whole time. Look, all of the other companies who sell Nitric Oxide do actually work, but not as well as they say they do. So again, WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOU SPEND THAT KIND OF MONEY WHEN WE GIVE YOU A COMPLETE AND PROVEN STACK THAT WILL GIVE YOU ALL THE STRENGTH AND MUSCLE YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED?!?!?!?! Nitric Oxide is key to muscle building, it can be responsible for putting on inches to your arms, delts, calves, chest, legs, along with a ripped mid-section. How can you go wrong with Pump Xtreme ? NOTHING IS STRONGER AND BETTER ABSORBED THAN PUMP XTREME ! Nothing even comes close, if it does you have to put it together yourself and spend 2 to 3 times as much money. All of our Test Xtreme customers love that product and were reluctant to try something new casue Test Xtreme works so well. But we assured them that Pump Xtreme will make it work even better. The people who got luke warm results with Test Xtreme began to stack these two products and went crazy !! We want you to be one of those people, cause we know you can be if you just make that one simple choice, BUY IT NOW !!!

          Remember, you risk NOTHING ! We take all the risk...Why ? Cause we are so confident that you will come out on top. You will be bigger, stronger, more vascular, in no time flat ! We Guarantee positive results in as little as 3 to 5 workouts. Some users see it on the very first time they apply Pump Xtreme. The Pumps are unreal, the Strength is unbelievable, and ofcourse the size is incredible. Don't hesitate another day, we want you to be successful and we are giving you one of the most powerful muscle building supplements in the industry, for the lowest price, the best absorption and a no risk guaranteeWith over a 93% success rate, and a Guaranteed Money Back Policy if you don't see ANY positive results, how can you afford not to try it ???

          Price: $49.95
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  2. Damn bro, you didn't half step on your first I couldn't read all that so if I missed this I appologize. What is in the transdermal? It seems reasonable but I'd need to know that to figure the MW of the compound and look at its solubility on water or oil. As for your second question, yes you can make your own:

  3. Ya, it is a bit much to read, it looks like the company is really try to sell you on this product. I'm on other boards as well and a few people have used it and say it works really fast.

    The ingredents: per serving

    PUMP XTREME - 1000 mgs. (1 gram) per serving of (AAK) / Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate along with our proprietary transdermal formula , 30 day supply.
    Alpha lipoic Acid - 65mgs.the main igredient found in Cell-Tech. A powerful anti-oxidant, helps make Vit. C and E work better. Fights free radicals,helps increase glutothione. Detox's liver.Also very good for insulin
    Vanadyl Sulfate - 5 mgs.Regulates body's blood sugar levels similar to insulin. Helps muscle uptake glucose.Vanadyl also forces more proteins and carbs directly into the muscles.
    Sodium Bicarbonate - 100 mgs.Along with our vitamin enriched lotion which are exclusively chosen to enhance and ensure that ALL the vital ingredients are being 100% and completely absorbed each and every dose.

    It also says it patented,

    Pump Xtreme proves to be the ONLY PATENTED most complete, the best absorbed, and the least expensive Nitric Oxide product anyhwere !

    If anyone has any advice about a NO Transdermal or how to make your own, let me know.

  4. ROFL...... ok.... I have no idea what that AAK stuff is, but the rest of it looks like a silly way to go about things, especially the sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) which probably just serves a mild blood-doping effect at best.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  5. AAK has a higher bioavailabilty rate than normal arginine. I won't be using the product, but that is the difference.

  6. To just clear things up a bit, I've been looking around if a NO transdermal exsists to get some info on it. There are a few post on about Transdermal NO and i found out that one company makes it, not sure if there are any others. I know that there are absorbtion issues when it come to arginine so i thought a transdermal might be a good idea.

    Has anyone heard of using a NO transdermal or knows how to make one.

    According to the pump xtreme claims, they use AAK of 1000mg/serving that is 95% absorbed over 24 hours. I really dont care for all the other stuff they put into it.

    Any thoughts.....


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