Why have sesamin products lost popularity?

  1. Why have sesamin products lost popularity?

    fat loss
    good anti-fat gain for binges
    good for skin
    good for lipid levels

  2. do i have to order it online?

  3. I cant answer you, but I felt/saw no benefits, maybe others felt the same?
    PHF Rep

  4. It kills my libido, and I'm not the only one

  5. Gotcha - Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones but I love the stuff and still use it in combination with Fish oil for maximum (beneficial) PPAR expresssion possible (for an OTC). No libido isses for me.

  6. interesting, hows it effect libido as it is a fat?

    does CLA effect libido as well?

  7. It's still a staple for me and if anything helps my libido.


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