Cheap 6-oxo!

  1. Cheap 6-oxo!

    I dont know if you guys thought to look on eBay for ErgoPharms 6-oxo, but there its right around $25 and about $5 shipping. Some auctions include multiple bottles so there you go. I have no idea why this **** is so expensive, but it is maybe this will save you a little bit of green....

  2. Or purple,blue,brown,green or red in Canada... Talk to ya.. 
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  3. Yes, all the colors of the rainbow.......yes THAT rainbow

  4. Thanks for the heads up YJ....I'm looking to buy some soon.

    Wasn't BDC gonna get his hands on some 6-oxo???

  5. Originally posted by SCORPIO

    Wasn't BDC gonna get his hands on some 6-oxo???
    In the works brother....

  6. YJ....why you gotta blow up my spot like that brother?!!? (ha) ive been eyeing the prices on ebay, so i can get in a sneak bid at the last moment for some lovely 6oxo (ha) its all lovely though...atleast if i get left out, its a good chance a good dude got it. and by the way...t-oxo man.....we need it bdc.

  7. I am gonna order some and ask them to put the stuff in some flintstone vitamin bottles :-) j/k.  The ebay idea sounds good but custom is a problem...


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