optimum whey vs Scivation

  1. optimum whey vs Scivation

    I have been using optimum for a while and love it but im looking to cut back a lil bit. The scivation 10lb whey is significantly cheaper.So my ? is, is optimum that much better and should i switch? I def dont want to compromise on protein since that is super important. The only difference i really see is the hydrowhey and whey protein hydrolosates(sp?).Wat do you guys think?

  2. I use optimum and have for a long time. been lifting maybe 10 years. the BCAA's and extras in there make it my main protein, along with the price. I dont kno sciavation. But i'd stick with the ON and if you want a better PWO then get one, but i dont even think you need that.

  3. Xtreme Formulations whey has been getting good feedback lately. Many ON customers have gone that way because it's cheaper.

  4. I have been an ON customer for quite a while,.. love the stuff.

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