Yes, the names are strange. Anyway, Salvia Miltiorrhiza is one of the DCP ingredients and according to their write-up, it keeps TTA from re-depositing fat.

I have a lot of TTA but Salvia Miltiorrhiza is out of stock at NP, so I started looking for Salvia Miltiorrhiza (danshen) and found a few places on the net that sell it. This morning, I went to a local Chinese herb store and the lady at the counter told me Radix Codonopsis Pilosulae (dangshen) was the same thing... I was a bit hesitant and bought a 16oz bag for $15.00. When I came home I looked it up and they are not the same thing. Grrr.

Question: Is anyone familiar with these two herbs? And if so, do they have similar properties? I was hoping to start TTA again tomorrow, but don't want to unless I have Salvia Miltiorrhiza to go with it. If they're not the same I guess I'll have to order online.