CLA work or waste????

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    It is worth taking, but it is subtle. The best part about CLA is it promotes better body composition and there are tons of studies on it and it's effects. Dose it at 3-5g/day. You may not really notice its effects, similar to a vitamin supplement in that fashion, but the studies have shown that progressive supplementation with it does give some nice results. Including it on a cut or recomp is a smart idea.
    GREAT advice. Totally agree.

  2. I've used and still use CLA. Like it's already been said, it takes a bit to see the results, but they did show up for me, mainly in my abdomen. Primordial Performance is what I use.

  3. hello I new to this site but I have some input im taking max cla from max muscle so far so good but its been only two days

  4. CLA also decreases myostatin expression.

  5. wasnt it also shown to reduce a lot more fat when taken with guarana
    by reducing fat by 50% in 12 week period time
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Screwtape View Post
    CLA also decreases myostatin expression.
    Nice. Makes sense with the recomposition properties it seems to display.


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