whey protein choice????

  1. whey protein choice????

    Which is the best value in whey protein?

  2. define best first

    Team APPNUT

  3. meaning all around decent taste good protein to calorie percent low sugar and low carbs

  4. All the Whey has some really great flavors.True Protein has good flavors, as well as the ability to totally customize your protein with additives as custom batches. As far as low sugar/carbs, most concentrates have more carbs than isolate, but 3g of carbs with 22g of protein in a blend isn't bad. If you like fruit flavors, the Syntrax Nectars are phenomenal and no carbs if i recall right. I keep a 2lb tub of either their lemonade or crystal sky in the house at all times, i drink that for pleasure rather than for protein intake

  5. ATW, Muscle Gauge and of course IronMagLabs

  6. thank you one more if it isn't to much
    where are the cheapest prices at?

  7. you can get all the whey cheapest ordering through their rep here, for trueprotein you can get coupon codes from their reps to order from their site.

    Plus a number of them do offer samples, so it may be worthwhile to ask for those. My personal 100% favorite for long term use is all the whey's cinnamon bun flavor. I can go through 2 5lb tubs of that in a row without feeling the need to switch off to something else.

  8. For pure isolate, I just got All the Whey, 6lbs for $38, from bb.com, but the b2g1 deal is over. The 5lb for $40 isn't bad (you can use code "teamscivation" for 10% off).

    I was also thinking of Xtreme Formulations whey, which is similarly priced, but a blend of isolate, concentrate and peptides, so slightly more fat/carbs (lactose). It appears to have a similar profile as Optimum's whey, which I used and liked for a long time.

  9. actually after all my research and reading peoples comments that is the one i was leaning towards trying

  10. actually right now i am using eas vanilla because it was only 30 dollars at sam's club

  11. Honestly, the EAS does have a decent taste But you can pay the same for better quality, and get variety of flavors

  12. Quote Originally Posted by hl80 View Post
    For pure isolate, I just got All the Whey, 6lbs for $38, from bb.com, but the b2g1 deal is over. The 5lb for $40 isn't bad (you can use code "teamscivation" for 10% off).
    thats pretty good on the isolate, what was shipping? buying 25lbs at once as 5 5lb tubs I got the ATW concentrate for $150 delivered, so $30/tub (was a hair more, like $151.50 or something)

  13. hl80 just to clarify you ordered all of that from bodybuilding.com?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    define best first

    Team APPNUT
    Team APPNUT is a protein? Details please
    Nutraplanet Representative
    PM me with any order questions and concerns

  15. Quote Originally Posted by MrBigPR View Post
    Team APPNUT is a protein? Details please
    No, we're just trying to get into the habit of signing all our posts that way so we're all doing it the same. I suck and keep forgetting


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