Green, Red, Black and White Tea....

  1. Green, Red, Black and White Tea....


    Is beneficial for health and fat loss drink Green Tea....yes but i can mix various like Green, Black, Red, and White and if anyone know which if the benefits of the other one?


  2. EGCG

    It does heaps of stuff.

    ... right white tea (Chinese) is a form of green tea. It could be the preparation I've got the same leaf one described as green the other as white. Black tea has low EGCG and high caffeine. Scupper it.

    I've never, ever heard of red tea and I know a fair bit about tea - oh is robios (however its spelt stuff). Its South African stuff - caffeine free. Not known for anything special, short track history however.

    Green is the way to go but given the shear volume of green in China alone it ain't as simple as the nutrient industry would have you believe. The tanin content of one variety made me sick.

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