xtreme tren

  1. xtreme tren

    i am 6'2"
    195 lbs
    21 y.o.

    i recently just tried a cycle of xtreme tren and had to stop because i began to feel the slightest prolactin gyno appearing. i was only 4 days in when i stopped. i have taken a cycle of m drol and a cycle of epistane before and this has never happened to me. if i were to run the xtreme tren cycle again, what support supplements would be needed to make sure this problem does not happen again?

  2. Vitamin b6 will help prevent gyno on cycle. Not sure of the dosage though. Thhere is another one but I can't remeber what the **** it is. You should take proper cycle supports during cycle and for part of your PCT to help prevent sides from acurring.

  3. anyone else know what i should take?

  4. search vitex, p-5-p, l-dopa, and caber

  5. NOTHING works for me this issue - I am stropping a run now because the strongest chem out there did nothing.

    Don't get caber - it will most likely be in liquid and wont work

    If you are willing to go with research chems there are options, pm me


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