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    Couple of questions for anyone with an opinoin or experience with Leptigen. From what I can gather reading 6 hours worth of posts (it's a sickness) the target for Leptigen is those who are fairly low BF and have been dieting for quite some time. However, Avant really stresses that if you are eating clean and the right nutrients you could conceivably really drop calories down without slowing fat loss. For a person in mid 20's BF, this is appealing as concievably you could get to your goals much faster. Not much has been made on this supplement on this board (at least through browsing and the search engine). Also the idea of smaller or no refeeds on the KETO route also is appealing. Anyone have experience with the product or ideas on how it might work in the aformentioned situation? It's pricey, that's the drawback but if it works who cares. Also, would Leptigen replace any other supps, for financial consideration. Thanks in advance.

  2. It is expensive. Someone has to know how to homebrew this stuff, if its worth it. Ive been trying to find out what some of the ingrediants are from browsing the Avant forum.

    So far I have found these ....


    Im not really sure if that is accurate. I know I might have added something not in it, or probably missed something thats in it. I dont know if this helps. I'd be interested if anyone else has any info on leptigens ingrediants.

  3. From what I gather from reading up on the product it wouldn't be best utilized by somebody with a bf% as high as mid 20's, as their leptin levels should already be quite high. It would likely be best to get to lower bodyfat levels before utilizing this product.

    I believe that Avant will be releasing a budget version Leptigen in the future which will disinclude some of the costlier ingredients.

  4. Yeah, the ingredients on the formula state a blend of ingredients, probably for that reason (homebrewing). The main thing is the simmondsin I believe. Think syntrax has a product with that as well, but not the other substances in the Leptigen. Max, yeah I didn't mean to start using Leptigen immediately, but at the first sign of a stall, even at a fairly high BF percentage instead of alot of refeeds..

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