Usnic Acid and Body Order

  1. Usnic Acid and Body Order

    Well, I have been noticing an interesting effect of usnic acid at higher doses for me. When I do my AM cardio and sweat my liquids out, I start to emit an odor that can be best described as burning.

    I thought it may be a thousand other things, but I think this is about the only option left. Am I crazy, or have some of you noticed the same?

  2. hmmm...maybe ketones? Although I'm not really sure, we know that UA has the effect of increasing the amount of fatty acids oxidized throughout the body. Any high amount of fat being burned (diabetics have this as well) as a primary source of fuel creates an abnormal amount of ketones. We know that keto dieters have a problem with the smell of their breath, but I've never heard of anyone having that type of smell....

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