tolerance and PowerFull

  1. tolerance and PowerFull

    Does anyone notice whether PowerFull loses its effectiveness after longterm use?

    Its just part of its trick is to fire down the dopamine pathway and in most cases this leads to rapid tolerance, i.e. you need to take more to get the same effect or stop taking it. Its a bit like caffeine.

  2. Okay that seems fairly clear cut. There is no evidence so far that PowerFull loses its power following regular use.

    In theory it should do, 'cause there's always tolerance around dopamine ... BUT it is said that some dopamine 'stimulants' never loose their effectiveness but do weaken. PowerFull might be in that camp.

    I've a USP stack in the post so we'll see how it runs. I think - but I have no evidence - that I struggle with deep sleep. If so then PowerFull should have a bigger impact.

  3. Hi,

    I found that Powerfull lost its' effects in the gym after about 3.5 - 4 weeks. The deep sleep side of Powerfull was still working but the strength gains had definitely tapered off. IGF-2 has Rhodiola Rosea included and people have reported using this for 8 weeks and still making gains so maybe it is as simple as adding this to Powerfull to keep the effects in the gym going?

  4. Hmm tolerance builds up pretty fast with me, I do 5 days a week, 6-8 weeks on, 2 weeks off and it seems to keep most of its efficiency that way.. (talking about bulk 1-carboxy here).

  5. Thanks its useful to know that Nutra sells PowerFulls active ingredient separately. Would make an interesting TD.

  6. BTW what do you cycle it with?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by matthias7 View Post
    BTW what do you cycle it with?
    Usually nothing, I've used pght but liked the older version better. Somnidren GH energizes me too much, cant really sleep well on that, nice before workout though. MST ZMK is a staple for me.

    My current before bed stack is:

    4 caps ZMK
    0.8 gr VAT attack
    1.6 gr 1-Carboxy
    0.75 gr Alcar
    2.5 gr Taurine

    Love it!!

  8. Have you ever considered GABBA or GABOB? Seems to fit the bill here GABOB particularly.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by matthias7 View Post
    Have you ever considered GABBA or GABOB? Seems to fit the bill here GABOB particularly.
    Yeah I've used that quite a bit, it was in the old PGHT together with glutamine. Best TD GH booster I've ever used..

  10. One of the primary issues with synthetic L-DOPA administration is long-term tolerability. By whatever mechanism, the effects certainly tend to dissipate over about 12 weeks.

  11. Obvious question: What about cycling 1-Carboxy (PowerFull), GABOB and e.g. HGH TD?

  12. One thing I have noticed in body-building is that you guys are sharp on developing pharmaceutical quality extracts from herbs - brilliant at it. By calling it a supplement you get around FDA approval (which is financially crippling).

    When it comes to pharmaceuticals though - its like miles behind. Like SERMs appear stuck in the '70s and like there seem to be tons of stuff you could use but like you just don't. Dunno - prove me wrong.


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