Need some help on my supps

  1. Need some help on my supps

    i wanted to get some opinions on the supps i'm thinking about starting. i did a cycle of epi/furazadrol a while back and it didn't do that much, so i wanted to go with a better product. i want to bulk up this time, but i still want to get more definition than i have now. here's the supps i was gonna start:

    CTD Labs Decabolen
    CTD Labs Liver Armor
    CTD Labs Diuretic Extreme
    CTD Labs Noxavol

    i know its a lot of stuff from one company, but everybody i know says all this stuff works great and the reviews were really positive. i heard it was a good idea to stack decabolen with 4-AD, but i don't know. i have a real solid pct, so i'm not real worried about that. any suggestions or comments? are these decent supps to take? is there anything else besides 4-AD that i can stack with decabolen that'll work? Thanks for any help you can give me.

  2. epi/furaz is a great combo... but you don't want to stack anything with decabolen. that product is already a stack, i think each cap is like 10mg superdrol and 25mg halodrol. also, drop the diuretic...

  3. Decabolen is plenty on its on and like the gentleman above said drop the diruretic. No offense, that makes no sense during a cycle. You want to draw water into the muscle to increase fullness.

    In terms of bulking while losing bodyfat...some people say it does not work, but I have done it successfully many times. Just make sure you eat clean and base your macros on your bodytype.

    Best of luck!~!!!

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