help with bulk powder dosages/timing

  1. help with bulk powder dosages/timing

    so i finally received my order from nutra. i got bulk pslin (21g), bulk creatine monohydrate (500g), bulk dicreatine malate (3x/ 100g), l-glutamine (500g), and of course my tub of whey protein isolate.

    The dosage for each are as follows:
    Creatine Mono - 500 grams / 1/4 tsp=700mg
    Dicreatine Malate - 100 grams / 1/4 tsp = 450mg
    Bulk P-slin - 21 grams / 1/4 tsp = 400mg
    Glutamine - 500 grams / 1/4 tsp = 600mg
    Protein - 25grams per scoop

    ive been doing research for the past week or so, and i think ive got my dosages down. im just a little confused with when to take what and how long to wait in between.. here is what i have so far. please feel free to rearrange timing and or dosage to maximize results.

    Morning Shake
    2 scoops whey protein isolate = 50g
    1 tsp glutamine = 2.4g

    Pre WorkOut
    45 mins pre w.o:
    1/4 tsp p-slin = 400 mg taken with banana (20-25g) and 1 cup of oats (54g)

    30 mins pre w.o:
    1 scoop whey protein isolate = 25g
    1 tsp glutamine = 2.4g
    1 tsp DiCreatine Malate = 1.8g

    Post WorkOut
    2 tsp Creatine Monohydrate = 5.6g
    1 tsp DiCreatine Malate = 1.8g
    2 tsp glutamine = 4.8g
    2 scoops whey protein isolate = 50g
    1/4 tsp p-slin = 400 mg
    Shake taken with an apple for simple sugars to spike insulin

    Meal 1 hour after shake

    Im still confused about when to take the p-slin and mono post work out

    Please help me with the dosage and timing


  2. bump??

  3. I had asked something similar to your pslin question. In my opinion, your timing is right on track. As far as the pslin, I've heard both sides of the story, pre and post, and both (which is what you are doing). As far as the post, I would apply the same rules like your pre-workout dosage, which would be to dose approx 15 min before your post workout shake. I dose only postworkout due to working out at 5am, so it's a bit tuff to down something at 4 am for me. I dose again at lunch with a high carb meal. Everything looks good! Good Luck!

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