Androstenetrione (6OXO) Powder?

  1. Androstenetrione (6OXO) Powder?

    Does anyone know where you can find this? All places seem to be drying up, out of stock or no longer carry the product (NutraPlanet, BulkNutrition, 1Fast400, CNW). Did a search on google and still cannot find a place. What is the deal?

  2. It is a fairly popular bulk powder. Post your question in the NP thread and someone will get back to you I am sure.
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  3. now on digital...bump

  4. Part of the story

    Looks like this product is being investigated and a lot of places are taking it off the shelves. Primaforce seems to be the only quality company carrying it in caps at the moment. Could be another banned product in the near future..
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