CEL FORMESTANE Dosage for anabolic effect?

  1. CEL FORMESTANE Dosage for anabolic effect?

    I have 3 bottles.. what do I dose daily for the best anabolic effect?

    P.S I am also taking clomid + natty test boosters, divanil, blueup, etc

  2. I was told on bb.com that 300-500mg a day of TD formestane was for anabolic effect.. yay or nay?

  3. youd be best going to the CEL section of the forum and asking in there bro, theres a big thread on formestane already started

  4. I see you are looking for the conversion of Clostebol, I do not recommend taking 500mg of td formestane with clomid, jut my 2 cents, but that should be right.
    doing my own thang!

  5. why the clomid? do you worry that so many libido/test boosters stacked at once may inadvertently mess w/ your libido? I think anything over 300 is where the 4oht may start to kick in especially hard. But thats only based on what I've read. And I'm sure 200 is plenty nice.



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