Who has tried Muscle Gauge? Why or Why not

  1. Who has tried Muscle Gauge? Why or Why not

    Just wantin to know who was tried muscle gauge nutrition products and if so what you think. Is there anything else that can compete?

  2. I purchased two 50lb boxes of the MGN whey protein off of ebay and have been very pleased with the taste and effectiveness. This is a legit product and the price can't be beat.

  3. I just another order too. im hooked to this stuff. and your right the price rocks

  4. I just received 10lbs of Muscle Surge whey isolate from DPS and at 32dollars for a 5lbs
    of whey isolate you can't beat that. The protein from Muscle Surge is packed by ATW
    so you no the quality is legit. You should definately purchase Muscle Surge protein.

  5. oh man i was looking at this and was about to order this or ON 100% whey gold Standard...
    Does anyone have any comments between the two?
    they seem very similar lol

    i hear so many great things about ON 100% whey gold standard... =( lol iunno what to pick

  6. Well I dont know anything about Muscle Gauge but Ive been using ON (Optimum Nutrition) whey for a year now. I love the taste and the price. Plus the fact that it mixes fairly easily. Like I always say "If it makes dollars, it makes sense...." and ON saves me money.

  7. Muscle gauge is pure whey isolate for a 5lb container at $32 and 80 servings. OPT. Nut
    is $39.99 for a 5lb container of mostly whey concentrate, some Ion whey iso and a small
    amount of hydro whey and depending on the flavor you will get anywhere from 71 -80
    servings. You should definately go with the Muscle Gauge for the better quality, servings,
    and the fantastic price and its packe by ATW and they are a legit protein co.


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