Ever here of this stuff? Sounds good

  1. Ever here of this stuff? Sounds good

    It is called Test Xtreme. It is a test booster. It says alot of good things about there product and A money back gurantee. It even says a month supply will get you from a 1in to 2.5 inches and keep 80 percent of the muslce built. I reasearched and could not find any more info.

  2. Your post is a little vague my friend,how about giving us some more info like the ingredient profile.

  3. Listen hear, I wouldn't be so fast to post about your need for another 1-2.5 in hear, ya here?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by poison View Post
    Listen hear, I wouldn't be so fast to post about your need for another 1-2.5 in hear, ya here?

  5. Man I cant find the ingredenat list any where. If you go on google and type in test xtreme it is like the first one that comes up.

  6. really? test xtreme would be the first thing that came up for test xtreme? haha good bit of knowledge to have

  7. haha ya guess tht makes sense.

  8. You promoting around here bro'. Is that what you're doing.....!!!!!!!!!!!!???????? ?
    ---The internet is the father of the electronic lynch-mob---

  9. Sounds like BS.

  10. It is BS !! I found what your talkin bout and they promise you will turn into the Hulk but no ingredients? I couldnt find anything in regards to what it contains in the bottle.... Dont fall into that trap.

  11. Get Diesel used to have a trib test extreme,.. but that's been discontinued,.. or so I thought.
    Think training's hard,. try losing!


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