Need to Switch it Up- Off of Recreate NOW WHAT?

  1. Arrow Need to Switch it Up- Off of Recreate NOW WHAT?


    I have a quick post.

    I have been on recreate for a long while and am nervous to go off, as I have been a fatty for a long time and like hanging out at about 200-211, with 10-11% BF. I am slowing putting on some new weight, but don't like to gain so much that I start to look sloppy.

    My question is, I need to cycle off of recreate for a while and I am looking for something similar to replace it. Any suggestions?????

    Thanks for the help!


  2. Man scorch is still cutting edge, as thermogenics go.

  3. I have never tried, did you like it? good results? any jitters?

  4. I never cut, I have been on a bulk for 5 years now, so I haven't used it. I have recommended both recreate and scorch to coworkers, friends, and gym buddies, and both get awesome feedback (though some people, including myself, get wicked headaches with recreate). Scorch was the first to use raspberry ketones and oolong polymerized whatevertheyare, and among the first to use forskolin and a couple other ingredients. No one has improved on it, so far, imo. And everyone reports a jitter and crash free experience.

  5. Thanks!

    Anyone else have any suggestions? Any comments on either Scorch if it works well? Recreate worked well for me, really well actually, anyone have success with scorch who liked recreate?

  6. Bump- sorry to do it, but I want a few other options. I am not looking for anything that will really give me the jitters. Does scorch give you the shakes?

  7. Would anyone recommend levi reloaded instead of scorch? I have taken levi before and I feel like I crashed hardcore after it wore off. Is scorch a little bit less of a stim? I liked recreate because there really wasn't a huge stim. feeling, and it helped to kill my appetite. I think I got my diet down good enough now that I don't need to kill my appetite, so I am not as worried about that. But i don't want to be stim'ed out all morning or afternoon.

    So levi vs. scorch?????


  8. Leviathan has a big yohimbine dose, which is a love/hate ingredient. Personally I hate it. Scorch has no yohimebine.

  9. Scorch I will agree is solid, LR is decent for if you can tolerate the Yohimbine

  10. i always got good results with Levi, havent tried scorch. Levi+DCP is good stack


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