muscle and fitness' view on being hard?

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    Question muscle and fitness' view on being hard?

    okay so I know this is my first post, I've always been able to just use search and find every answer ive needed for the past few months, figured I'd get into it and finally ask something

    What do you guys think of this muscle and fitness article called "The Hardgainer's Supplement Guide" (I can't post links yet lol sad...) I feel like even though its less than two years old its supplementation advice for ecdy and arginine seems kinda off from what I've read in several articles on here. Maybe i'm the misinformed one but I'd love to hear your thoughts on the two and the article because I keep seeing contradictions on the forums..


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  3. I'll put it this way. Fitness magazines come out with a 'new' workout to blow up your arms and chest or 'new' supplement to shred fat to promote sales of THEIR MAGAZINE. After all, why would you pay for something you already knew?! Most articles are not proven and some have no relevance to most gym goers.

  4. M&F turned to **** after Jeff Everson left. Ironmag might be one of the few that is still decent and it makes me scratch my head sometimes itself. Milo is about the only one that is worth the paper it is written on and it is EXPENSIVE!
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    aiight cool thanks

  6. many of those articles often have a supplement they are selling on the next page. You are being shown a couple exercises, a couple pics of dudes roid lifting and then BAM! a big ass picture of GACIC or some other crap, because it will do the work for you in the gym lol

  7. Ecdysterone and arginine are not towards the top of most people's supplement lists around here -- probably not top-20.

    The muscle magazines that tout supplements are doing it for one commercial reason or another.

  8. Ecdysterone has very poor oral bioavailabilty unless you can find it in the upwards of about 500mg per dose.

    Arginine is a pretty common supp, found in most pre workouts.
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