Protein without the amino taste?

  1. Protein without the amino taste?

    My GF is looking for a protein powder that covers up the taste of amino for the most part. Do you have any suggestions?

    She's tried ATW - vanilla and GNC - Iso 28 cookie and cream and can't stand the taste of either resulting is only taking a few sips and dumping it out.

  2. Mix with milk

  3. I always hated protein mix and just bought the RTDs for years. But now I am hooked on ATW Chocolate. I can't say about the vanilla. but ATW chocolate with water is actually palatable. For a treat I make it with fat free milk and half a banana - Yum. Maybe she would like a more fruity flavor, like isopure apple melon. It tastes pretty good.

  4. VPX Zero Impact protein, graham cracker flavor tastes great. A bit pricey though.

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