last minute review

  1. last minute review

    ok guys im about to order my stack in a couple days and i want to know if i need anything else to gunna take prime,powerfull,anabolic pump, and jack3d. I will also use xtend during my workout and cellmass after works because i have some left over from previous use....i also take a multi and fish oil anything else needed? milk thistle?

  2. I don't see a desperate need for milk thistle here but that is just my opinion.

    You really look like you have every area covered there. My only advice is to please drink LOTS of water while using all those supplements.

    I love PowerFULL.
    I'm Back...

  3. jack3d is great and so is powerfull. Two of my favorites for sure. Great energy on jack3d and great sleep on powerfull

  4. AP and Prime are my top two supps and I love jacked and Powerfull gets me solid sleep. Love the Asteroid stack... gain muscle lose fat!!

  5. i am only 18 but i have heard this is a safe stack so im gunna try it

  6. Quote Originally Posted by at1010 View Post
    i am only 18 but i have heard this is a safe stack so im gunna try it
    Safe ..yes. Necessary probably not. I would normally tell a person to wait till there a little older for a stack like this. I understand the excitement though.


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