stacking slim xtreme, recreate, and activate extreme

  1. stacking slim xtreme, recreate, and activate extreme

    tryin to lower my body fat but still a bit paranoid bout losing size. I am 24 weight 205 at about 14-16% body fat. What do you think of stacking slime xtreme, recreate, and activate extreme. Activate extreme is the only one i am still debating on. Is there something you would replace this with?

  2. I would agree to SX and Activate Extreme, however I would highly recommend against using SX with Recreate. With SX, you should never consume any other stimulants of any sort, as the results will be noticeable and annoying at the very least. SX will ramp up the effects of a "dirty" stim (caffeine), while the dirty stim will recharge SX making it last even longer than it already does (12-14 hours). If you value sleep, avoid that combo.

    What I'd recommend to go with this instead would be a non-stim cortisol product. AX's own LeanFX will work great, as will DS's Lean Xtreme. Either of those are great products with excellent results that will work to lower cortisol levels, thusly preserving muscle wasting and helping to eliminate fat stores.

    Out of your options and what I've mentioned, a good looking cutting stack would be SX, LeanFX or Lean Xtreme, and Activate Xtreme.

    Thoughts anyone?
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  3. thanks for the solid advice. I am liking the lean fx, SX, and AX. Would you consider switchin AX with anything else or do you feel AX is "best of breed" for what its target audience is

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