Best Priced Protein

  1. Best Priced Protein

    I just wanted to let everybody know about the best deal for protein I've found. It was through an ebay auction. You search for "protein" or maybe 50lb. Protein and you'll see it there. You may be able to buy it through I haven't checked though. It is 50 pounds of straight whey concentrate for around 150 bucks give or take. I forget. I'm just now finishing it after like.....well at least 4 months. The brand is Nutrabiotics and I'm not going to lie.... It tastes pretty bad b/c there is no flavor. This can be good or bad depending on your objectives. No sugar, no flavor, no additives, nothing, just pure wholesale whey! Its great for me b/c all I care about is the price and it is the lowest price I have found. Great Deal, but beware of taste. Your call.

    If anybody has anyother great deals on protein let me know. I know some places have pretty low Opt. Nut. prices on there 10lb. bag.

  2. ...

    Vitamin World has pretty good prices...I got 5 pounds of whey protein for 27.99 buy 1 get 1 half u end up getting 10 pounds for 40 bucks and the chocolate flavor is pretty good. I have a number u can order from if anyone wants it.

  3. Protein customizer looks like a good place. Especially if you are interested in creating a blend of protein.

    Pretty cheap, But the price still doesn't compare to the nutrabiotics deal. You would save around 50 bucks if you bought 50lbs. of WPC(no flavor) compared to !!!

  4. MF210,

    If you're hating your unflavored protein, you could always go to Black Star Labs and buy their flavoring systems to add to your unflavored protein.


  5. price..... supplementwholesaler has 5lb of complete whey (i believe thats cytosport) for 17.99

  6. sage -

    Have you ever tried that cytosport protein that you mentioned?? Just wondering how the taste compares versus Optimum's whey since I normally use that. Any info would help. Thanks a lot.

  7. i havent. but did order the chocolate the other day. should have some feedback in a few days. I checked out the makeup of the powder and the ingredients looked good enough.

  8. pro-rated at costco 90 servings (20g protein) for 19$
    yah and once i bought 5lb ON% from ebay for 14$

  9. What kind of protein was that? ( The one from costco)

  10. mf210 -

    The kind of protein was Pro-Rated. It says that in his post.
  11. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    I went to the Vitamin Shoppe the other day and i bought a 5lb container of Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey for 20 bucks. It was in the clearance because it was obvious someone fell on it or dropped it because the top was smashed a little. I opened the container and i popped it back to shape. It is still good because it expires in 2005 and it is the new one with the all black label. I am gonna pick up another one soon too. My friend took the Syntrax Isomatrix which was marked down to like 10 bucks and put on a sticker from another bs supp and he got it for 5 BUCKS!!!!!


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