RTD or protein bar

  1. RTD or protein bar

    i go to meetings for work that are about 2 hours away...sometimes i get hungry on the drives and when u stop at these gas stations most of the stuff they have are garbage, i usally get a met rx or pure protein bar or a rtd muslce milk...i was just seeing what everyone else would rather, i like the bars better because it's actually real food and a lot cheaper and most have more protein in them, the rtd protein is a huge rip off at almost $4 at some places, what is everyone elses thoughts?

  2. VPX zero impact protein bars

  3. I pack my own food in my cooler. Screw convenience stores.
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  4. i generally bring along my shaker cup, 2-3 scoops of protein powder in it, then just bring, or pick up a bottle of water along the way...have a small bag of almonds to munch on if i get sleepy, some rice cakes for carbs.. or some granola.. those vpx bars do taste great though..

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