creatine: yellow-green pee

  1. creatine: yellow-green pee

    What exactly is going on when I take creatine and my pee is a somewhat unnatural, diesel fuel looking yellow-green color? This never happened to me when I took cee caps, but I recently got some MRI anabolic switch for cheap and now this happens. I drink loads of water so I don't think I'm dehydrated, I'm not taking large amounts of b vitamins or anything else different; my best guess is that the instructions on the can are telling me to take too much so I have to buy more sooner and I'm just peeing out the excess? Has anybody else experienced this?

    peeing diesel is kind of badass though

  2. Hmm, I thought there might have been some B vits in there... but nope. What colour is the powder? Nothing jumps out at me. Try just 1 serving/day and up your water intake, and see what happens.

  3. My pee is always a bit off colored when I drink anything with Taurine in it. Taurine with some B vitamins like in Monster makes it radioactive lol.

  4. Also, define "drink loads of water." What is a lot for you still may not be enough. Try to drink at least a gallon+/day. Either fill a gallon water jug up and finish it by mid evening, and then more water after that. Or drink at least 4 liter bottes of water.

  5. increase water intake



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