Alright. I been on the DCP & Leviathan Reloaded for about 9 weeks at the end of the week. I have lost some pounds over the years but this stack helped me cut very nice and the energy was great. I was my heaviest at 17 yrs old at 270 lbs and now at 25 yrs old sittin at 180 lbs and 15% BF. I know i need to drop the BF some more but I really want to get a nice build also. While on the stack i lost about 16-18 lbs & around 6% BF maybe a high 6%.

Here is my question.

What should I be lookin at? Prohormones, Test boosters, or just a good stack? I need some advice and maybe pointed in the right direction to do my research so I don't screw myself. I just don't notice the pump or boost from my stack anymore & ready for the next step.

I have a great diet and workout 6 days a week including 20 minutes of cardio on these days.
My workout is Day1 chest, Day 2, bi's/tri's, Day 3 shoulders, Day 4 legs/back, Day 5 bi's/tri's, & Day 6 Mixed chest & shoulders(nothin crazy just mainly a fat burn day).

Any help is appreciated,