1. Begining

    I'm fairly new to weight lifting and I'm looking for some legit supplements to take. I'm 15, 5"10 142lbs, max bench is 185. I started off with the GNC 100% whey protein, did 2 scoops after work outs. I did some reading and discovered cell-tech, so I went to GNC and as many of you know, yes the GNC guy talked me into buying it. (big mistake on my part). I started taking it last friday and have been doing 2 scoops before workouts and it kills my stomach. After reading on these forums for a while I realized how bad it was. I'm now looking for somthing to get me bigger and stronger. Any suggestions? Thanks

  2. You should only consume small amounts of carbohydrates ~30min before intense exercise. Otherwise performance can be hindered. Bulk creatine from nutraplanet is a good start and I wouldn't waste much money on other supplements other than a multivitamin as most are a complete waste of money.

  3. Keep up the protein, drop that Cell-tech junk and spend the rest of your money on good quality food. Lots of eggs, meats, fish, pasta brown rice etc. Sups are over rated - i done so many in the past, now im sup free and still seeing results. Its all in your head, get your diet sorted out and go from there.

  4. Yeah I've heard just to eat a healthy diet, being young and all. But coming from an Italian family, It's hard to eat healthy at times haha. I try to eat as healthy as I can in the mornings as well, waking up at 5:30 am is hard sometimes then going to school. Every normal high schooler is tired, no matter what time you go to bed.

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