Green Tea or Recreate which is better?

  1. Green Tea or Recreate which is better?

    I'm looking for a really good fat burner. I've tried hot rox extreme and i felt like i was going to have a heart attack. Someone told me it was the yohimbe.

    So i was looking for something a little milder. I've never tried Green Tea so i was wondering if they work well. I took a sample of recreate for a couple days and i felt really hot so it seemed to work but i wasn't sure how it was long term.

    Also for either of these what can i expect for boosted fat loss?

  2. I have been a green tea user for a while taking both in natural form and via the supplements. I noticed about a 5% weight loss after i first started not huge but noticeable.
    I like the antioxidant benefits even though i cant really tell, other than not getting sick as much.

  3. One hell of a deal here guys. Check it out!! PP's 8 Week Fat Loss Stack $49

    If you are skeptical try taking a look at this guy's results. Amazing.

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  4. Didnt like dermatherm simply because of the huge amount of lotion you need to apply and keep on for so long. it gets uncomfortable to do that everyday and always have that residue on your skin...

    However, the green tea would be a great ADDITION to the recreate for sure

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