1. Nootropics

    I'm about to purchase some bulk nootropics from NP and am considering these:


    Will these have synergy or am I going to kill myself? I would go with a premade blend but I don't want caffeine or artificial color/flavorings.

  2. ive tried all of these I love off they made a difference for me. youll be fine yes theyll have synergy.
    make sure you take some lecithin with the alcar I used it for two years strait everyday and was wondering why I depleted acly? levels???? I depleted something and the feeling is real foggy youll knnow what im talking about or you should feel it after a while on alcar if your not getting in lecithin in your diet. if you eat eggs everyday you should be okay. Id rather be safe though and take a choline alcar/choline APR50 50 % off
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  3. Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely add the choline to the stack. I was looking at that and you reminded me of it, thanks. Four bucks for a hundred grams of it not bad at all. What doses were you using by the way? And is this stuff tolerable as is or does it need to be capped?

  4. its tolerable. I was using three grams alcar per day and sometimes an additonal three grams. mostly three first thing in the morning.

    if you want to have a baby it increases sperm health and and more likely to have a baby.

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  5. Check against Core Zap because its similiar except for phenibut.

    Phenibut develops dependency so only cycle it. ALCAR isn't really a nootropic. Anyway need an cholengenic compound inostitol/choline is okay. DMAE is great and there is a derrivative of DMAE with a plant alkaloid cycl... I forget, its a standard supplement in the US.

    Core Zap also has geranium in it. Personally I'd leave out phenibut and use it to chill in times of stress. The idea is to balance a nootropic agent against a cholinerginic agent. By having your cholinergenic in excess you can maximize the effectiveness of the nootrophics (well thats my theory)



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