Endorush Is Endorush the Ultimate Energy Drink

With the growing number of products promoting weight loss and fitness performance, it can be overwhelming for many individuals to determine the effectiveness of these products. These products claim to burn fat, reduce one's appetite and help with your fitness performance. It is therefore, very important to look out for some points before deciding if the product is what you are looking for.

Endorush, an energy supplement, is touted as one of the best performance drink in out there. According to its marketing campaign, Endorush will help get you fully energized for your workouts and keep you hydrated through out your workout. It helps in muscle recovery and improves mental focus. We will take a look at the product to see its capabilities in its claim.

First, we will take a general look at the ingredients. Endorush comes in several flavors: Fruit Punch, Grape, Orange and Lemon Lime. It contains no sugar or aspartame and is non-carbonated. It contains various patented blends of Ener-Tropic Rush, Phospho-Electrolyte Replacers, NOX Fusion and Glycerol Hydrating Polymers. As these are patented blends, we are not able to get any greater details apart from knowing what each blend is supposed to do and its importance as a performance aid.

NOX Fusion: this blend is supposed to help increase nitric oxide production; nitric oxide is responsible for the dilation of blood vessels. Endurance and performance are thought to be improved with increased nitric oxide production.

Ener-Tropic Rush: contains brain-stimulating nutrients that are meant to help improve mental focus and enhance energy.

Glycerol Hydrating Polymers: is a muscle hydrating blend designed to act as a powerful magnet for water, protein and carbohydrates, according to the product's website.

Phospho-Electrolyte Replacers: is an innovative system that supports the body's storage of nutrients in the muscle cell and helps to replenish lost electrolytes.

Apart from the above patented blends, we find that Endorush is also packed with many essential amino acids, electrolytes, herbs and minerals that are very useful in enhancing one's workout and supporting in after sports recovery.

Whether Endorush is an ultimate drink supplement depends very much on what you are taking this drink for. If you are looking for a pre-workout supplement to enhance your performance, to give a jolt in your workout and keep your body well hydrated, then Endorush is an excellent choice. However, Endorush itself would not be sufficient as a total supplement for muscle recovery, fat loss etc. It works best when combined with other products that are more specific for other fitness needs. Having said that, it is rather appealing to have an energy drink that packs a bunch, is sugar free and comes in the form of a flavorful beverage.

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By: Sarah Walker