Gluten Free Supp's

  1. Gluten Free Supp's

    Anyone know which supplements are for sure glutten free? I've recently been diagnosed with Celiacs disease and I've got to clean em up.

    This is what I currently have:
    Universal Shock
    Universal Storm
    Universal Torrent
    Animal Flex
    Cycle Assist
    Sustain Alpha
    Crea Mono
    Grape Seed Extract

    I'm thinking I'm gonna have to drop the whey, and possible the drink mixes. I'll get emails to universal here pretty soon but if anyone has any info that would be greatly appreciated

  2. I think the supps and most proteins will be O.K. If you are bothered by them right now it could be that you have a raw intestinal tract. I have a gluten sensitivity and still take many supps. You really have to watch what you eat and drink. Even soy sauce and most salad dressings are off limits.It is difficult to eat out and don't even think about beer. You will make many mistakes along the way but you will feel better in the end.

  3. yeah...i'm safe with the beer because i don't drink (one of few texans who doesn't haha)

    I don't really have the option for mistakes so i'm trying to clear this all up now.

    thank you for the input. outback has a gluten free menu if you're looking.

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